an immersive experience for you and the dog(s) that stole your heart


In short, FUREVER USA is a collection of dog photography studios providing an immersive experience unlike anything you have ever experienced before! But our purpose runs much deeper. Our mission is to photograph and share the story of every rescue dog family in the United States so we can truly celebrate the impact that rescue dogs have on our lives. In addition to donating 5% of proceeds back to the rescue community, we also publish a book featuring the most impactful rescue stories from each year! Profits from these books are also donated back into the rescue community!


K. Duffield"I went through the experience myself after hearing so many incredible stories of others who had gone through it. Seeing those pictures with Posey and Sugar... I was speechless!"
J. Waalk"I am so glad we did it because we lost Emma this past September. We have such great pictures of her, Charlie and are so thankful we did this. If you want great photos of your adopted pet, book and go enjoy it - you will have no regrets."
K. Riley"The entire team was top-notch! Thanks your for a truly exceptional experience. The pictures of my dogs are so unique & their furry personalities perfectly caught. I’ve had pictures of my pets before, but never like this."
B. Davis"We have 3 rescue dogs and I gave my husband the photo shoot for Christmas. The amazing part- they managed to capture the unique personality of each of the dogs as wells as the unique way each of us interacts and relates to them. Best. Day. Ever."
R. Clarke"The entire dog loving staff does incredible work, not only in the finished product of photographs and the book itself but in making you feel welcome and special and right at “home”. Our family is honored to be part of the 2018 book and can’t wait to be involved in more projects in the future."
N. Lee"I'm teary eyed as I reflect on our session while writing this review because the essence of my dog children was captured so perfectly. If you want the love, life, and spirit of your beloved fur baby to last long after they cross the Rainbow Bridge, then visit Furever."


Have you ever wondered what your very own photography experience might feel like? Join these four incredible families as they share their experiences. We hope this inspires you to reach out to to share the story of your rescue family!