“…I lost track of what was truly important in life.”


I never go to the area where they have puppy adoptions at the pet store. I always go in, get my cat her food, and leave. I had no intention of adopting a dog, as my life was devoted to studying, working, and trying to sleep. But for some reason, the day I got Seamus, something told me to go look. I stood about a football field’s distance away from the puppies. One was playing and having a wonderful time. The other one was laying on his side, barely even acknowledging the families trying to play with him. It was terrible to watch. I knew this poor puppy would never be adopted. I couldn’t bear the thought of it any longer, but as I began to walk away, I took one last look back. Suddenly, our eyes met. He jumped up immediately and started wagging his tail so hard his whole body was moving from side to side. I fell in love.

I always thought it was silly when I heard people say, “my dog adopted me, I didn’t adopt him.” I now know exactly what they are talking about. I can pinpoint the moment in time Seamus knew he was coming home with me.

Every day when I come home, I can see Seamus waiting for me. His little head pops up over the back of the couch and when he spots me through the window, he runs to greet me with his little body wiggling. When we finally reunite, his eyes shine with pure joy. This unconditional love is a blessing. There are no expectations and no disappointments. He lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders every day with those sweet, joyous eyes.

Having to take care of someone besides myself has been a very humbling and eye- opening experience. I realized I wasn’t taking care of any of my relationships. I was so focused on school and work I lost track of what is truly important in life. I lost sight of who I am. He opened my eyes and made me see the beauty in unconditional love. He has given me hope for humanity. If everyone could feel the love I feel for my pup, the world would be a much better place.


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