FureverUSA Launch Party

And FureverUSA was announced to the world! The community support behind FureverReno has been nothing short of amazing! So much so that we couldn’t wait to tell you all about the exciting, furever life changing path it is taking!

We’re going national! The vision is to be in (at least) 10 cities in the next 5 years!  Our first city to expand into is Sacramento, CA! Everything is in the works! We’re excited about the rescue shelters that are already on board and the incredibly talented photographers who are so passionately eager to support rescue dogs by celebrating the stories within rescue dog families! We’re looking to rock Sacramento this October, 2018!! YAY!

Why is this important for us to share with you? Because this movement is nothing without you! YOU are actually the movement! You’re the ones saving rescue dogs lives! We’re just helping make it happen through celebrating YOU!

Thank you all for coming out to the launch party to support this project!  This small town project is taking the leap and going national!  A huge thank you to local Reno film director Emily Skyle-Golden and Bourn Productions Inc. for filming the FUREVER experience!  It was the one thing EVERYONE said after going through their own experience, “I wish I would have truly known how incredible this was before going through it.” Now everyone will! and a HUGE thank you to Rebecca Kitchen at KOLO 8 for having us on the air to share the launch party! THANK YOU!







We are a collection of dog photographers benefiting the animal welfare community. Our mission is to celebrate the stories of every rescue dog family in the United States.