I realized the man was in cardiac distress


“The most unlikely superhero you’ll ever meet. That is Cubby in a sentence. Saving people’s lives through an amazing story of resilience and love.

I first met Cubby at the groomer’s shop. A wary boy, he tracked my every movement. As I approached him with my hands behind my back, he just stared at me. So, I asked him if we were going to be friends or if he was going to take a piece of me. Decision made, he stood up on his hind legs, put a front paw on each of my shoulders, and began kissing my chin like I was his long lost best friend. The groomer nearly fell off her stool in shock and said, “he’s picked you, you’re his person.” Truer words were never uttered. Need I say, I was a goner, this little boy was mine.

With lots of love and attention, I was able to take him through therapy dog training. It was on a therapy visit to a local assisted living community that Cubby alerted on a gentleman going into cardiac arrest. One minute this little dog was sitting on a lady’s lap and the next, he was going in a circle at this man’s feet, barking up a storm. When I got down on my hands and knees to physically stop him, I realized the man was in cardiac distress. Since then we had him tested as a cardiac arrest medic alert dog and he has alerted on multiple people, helping to save their lives.

God works in mysterious ways and using a little dog to save people is pretty amazing. I believe they are as close to God as we will get on earth. They love unconditionally, continually forgive our human flaws, and are loyal to a fault, asking for nothing in return. This little boy is my heart, and this was truly a match made in heaven.”

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