I’ve dedicated my life to this, to them!

“Boomer and Beignet are the life of the house. They are like opposite sides of a coin who still find a way to get along great, even though they could not be any different. Boomer is incredibly energetic and is very needy for attention. Beignet is an independent couch potato who loves to sunbathe in the yard. A day won’t pass without Boomer running and jumping through the house, whining at his best friend Beignet to get up and play some tug-of-war.

Even with the chewed up sticks and destroyed rolls of toilet paper, these dogs mean the world to me and have influenced my life in many ways. It’s just them and me in this life. I can’t imagine living without them. They are my constant companions. When I travel I feel this instant void upon coming home without them there. It’s really bizarre and not a good feeling at all. My heart is at its fullest when we’re cuddling, watching movies, or sleeping close together on a cold night. I love that they are always excited to see me!

I’ve dedicated my life to this, to them! I can’t imagine my life without them. “


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