The two of them make our days better with their crazy antics and weirdness

“From the moment we brought Emma home and she put her chin in my husband David’s hand, she stole his heart. Our first adult dog, Emma, is the sweetest and most gentle soul. Whenever she plops her body down in front of the fireplace, eyes fluttering and tongue sticking out of her mouth, it’s amazing to see how far she has come. From a scared little dog, she has grown substantially through trust and comfort. Coming home to Emma every day and just lying on the floor with her has made each day better. She is David’s baby girl.  He says Emma is a love bug. One of the most special things to him is walking up and just rubbing her belly. He’s 6’4” and she knows when he needs her emotionally. She’ll curl in to spoon him when she senses he needs her. It’s the same instant connection they had when they first met. Because a lot of dogs don’t like big guys, he was looking for a dog who wasn’t intimidated by his size.  She put her droopy little mouth in his hand and he knew in that moment she was the one. He instantly melted. Emma returns the love we give her tenfold.

David loves how happy Charlie is to see him! It’s all the silly things he does and how he can laugh at them. It’s part of their connection and what they love about each other. David says Charlie has a “licking problem.” He’ll walk over to David and lick until he is saturated. Charlie will then hold down David’s hands with his paws if he tries to get up. If he plays into it or even giggles, Charlie licks him even more. He knew Charlie was the right dog that day at the shelter because he licked his hand.

The two of them make our days better with their crazy antics and weirdness; which fits our family perfectly. They’ve been our rock through being sick, surgeries, and awful jobs. Weeks after a terrible family loss, Jennifer was made to go to work. She says knowing the dogs were there was reassuring. The dogs were something that could help process and release the grief too. While they don’t take the pain away, they do make life a little more livable!”


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