He is such a joy and fills my life with so many happy moments

“When I lost my precious dog Rainie there was a void left in my life.  I was alone with my other rescue dog Casey and didn’t realize how lonely we would be without a third member of our family. Then one day I was surfing the rescue dog sites and came across a picture of Andy. Needless to say, my heart was smitten and Andy instantly became that third member we were missing. Casey has also crossed over the rainbow bridge and Andy and I have become quite a team. He is such a joy and fills my life with so many happy moments.

Being a widow for 17 years, Andy reminds me how it feels to be important to someone. No one could possibly show any more excitement than Andy as he floods me with kisses when I come home at night. He makes me feel needed and appreciated every time he lays his head in my lap, and there is no better feeling than that. I thank the good Lord every day for what a beautiful furbaby I have been blessed with.”


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