The real question is, “Who rescued who?”

“While I was still in the shelter I was sort of popular.  Another family wanted me but I knew we weren’t a fit. When my now humans asked to meet me, it was love at first sight for me. I turned on my best manners and tried to not scare the man that was there; he wasn’t a dog person. I must have won him over because even my foster mom thought I was good fit for them. Later that afternoon, I had found my furever home. I hear through the grape vine that before meeting my mom, my dad wasn’t a dog person at all.

My new humans were ready for me to arrive. They had my crate, food, toys, leash, collar, and most important my I.D. tag saying I was theirs. I have a fenced, safe backyard where I love to run and roll in the grass. I even have a kiddy swimming pool for the summer days! There are flowers to sniff, birds to chase, and people to bark at. I am a hit with most of the ladies in the neighborhood. Mom calls me a “Chick Magnet.”

She also calls me a velcro dog. I walk with them in the house, out of the house, and around the neighborhood. I don’t want to miss anything, especially if there’s a treat to be had. Sometimes I do upset my mom, it seems I don’t always behave, but she loves bringing me to the dog park to watch me run at full speed.  She calls it doing the zoomies. I do have some besties there I love to play with, and I am learning to play more with a ball, Frisbee, and tug-of-war. I have a very busy nose and I love getting close and smelling everything trying to figure out what it is. Ok I’ll admit, I’m looking for snacks. Mom has mentioned that I bring happiness to her life, less stress. I’m her child and as her child I know how much she loves waking up nose to nose with me. She loves the fun, warmth, and joy I bring into their lives.  I’m so thankful for the freedom she gives me and she always knows that she can trust me. 

I know my mom and dad love me. They shower me with pets, hugs, and just let me be me. I love putting my head on their knee when they sit with me on the couch, which I claimed as my own, and give them my paw when I want attention. I act silly sometimes especially when I want attention or I’m playing with my toys, after all, I am a Boxer. See, being a rescue isn’t a bad thing at all. I think I struck a gold mine when I was adopted. The real question is, ‘Who rescued who?'”


We are a collection of dog photographers with a passion for homeless animals. Our mission is to end the stigma of rescue animals while photographing dog families across the United States.