My dogs are the world to me

“My dogs are the world to me. The oldest of the crew, Cocopuff, I knew was meant to be with me from the day he was born. Through all the ups and downs of the past thirteen years, he has been by my side offering quiet, precious moments and memories.

Then comes Maximus, even though he is the second oldest, he is a ball of energy who loves to cuddle, but only on his own terms. He goes wild with excitement when I get home, but won’t let me cuddle him until he decides he is ready. Oliver, my clumsy little man, is the complete opposite as he always tries to launch himself into my arms the moment I am done greeting the other dogs. He has so much character and a look on his face that will just melt your heart away.

Ziggie has a large personality and, at only three years old, has the attitude to match. He will sit at the door and wait for me to get home, giving me a scolding look if I am home too late, before I scoop him up for cuddles and kisses. There’s never a day where he doesn’t put a smile on my face.

These moments with my dogs fill my heart.  If I have a bad day Coco jumps on my lap and Ziggie gives me a kiss and it just wipes the stress away. I deal with people day in and day out and when I get home the dogs immediately destress me. Life’s too short to stress over things. I love that they are good travelers and that they can go to work with me. They bring their calming and stressless energy with them to the workplace or wherever I have to travel to.”


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