He provides unconditional love to our family

“Kato nosed his way into our lives and changed our little family forever. When we first met Kato, we were at the Humane Society looking for a “big, strong dog who could play fetch, go running, and protect the house.” That day we left with a pup who didn’t play fetch, was not a huge fan of running, and would probably let robbers in if they told him he was a good boy; he couldn’t have been a better addition to our little family.

Kato’s been our furbaby for just over six years and he has been with us for the huge life changes that come with being twenty-somethings trying to build a life together. Through many months of military separation, unending late nights at the office, and a whole lot of moves, Kato has always been our furry little beacon of home. No matter where we moved, as long as Kato was there, it was home. He is silly, stubborn, sassy, and has taught us some of our most important lessons, like it is okay to love going to bed at EXACTLY 9:00 p.m. most nights. After all, if your people really love you, they’ll dog-pile on the bed with you. It teaches you it’s worth fur on the couch to snuggle with your loved ones, preferably under a fuzzy blanket, and that the mailman really isn’t all that bad, if he offers you a Milk Bone.

This fur ball of love has been a driving force as we built our lives together. It doesn’t matter what happens in a day, he provides unconditional love to our family.”


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