He chose to be with me

“I fell in love with Ziggy right away, from his tail that curls up around his back, to his expressive eyes and ears flopping in every direction. The most adorable puppy, we bonded instantly. Ever since he was rescued from a box outside of Walmart, he has been my dog. He chose to be with me.

I live for the moments in the early mornings when he wakes up and meets me in the living room with a sweet, sleepy look on his face. He is just happy to see me and eager for some love. Or for the moments when we go to the dog park and he gets that big smile on his face. He earned his name from the way he zig-zags around the house. He will often sit and stare at me expectantly. I ask him what he wants, and it is like he understands because when I ask the right question, he will start squirming and wiggling around.

Now eleven years old, his ears are still his biggest personality trait, with one standing at attention and the other flopping to the side. Sometimes both ears go up and make a hat when he’s excited, or when he is listening to things his ears flop back and forth like little radars.

I don’t have kids of my own, so he’s my fur child. It makes me feel good to know that he can be active and have a happy home where he is spoiled. I am always happier when I have him with me.”


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