That reminds me how special it is to have this bond in life

“Every morning I bring Leia to the dog park. Just one year old, her obsession with balls keeps her running around, burning off energy, and enjoying the company of all the people there. She makes sure to do the rounds, getting everyone there to throw her ball at least once every day.

It’s these moments every morning, when she drops the ball in front of me, her face wrinkling up and ears perked as she furtively waits for me to throw her toy, that reminds me how special it is to have this bond in life and to have a companion that is always by your side, no matter what.

Zach finds comfort from Leia when she is tired and willing to just be with him. After they go to the dog park she will be worn out and will snuggle alongside Zach while he does his homework.  All of his schooling is done online so the two of them spend a lot of time together.  Leia is his companion while Zach is focused on school and often isolated at home.”


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