These dogs are always there, offering their unconditional love

“Mornings start out with so much joy thanks to Solo and Coal! Solo will jump up on your back and lick your ears and you just can’t help but wake up happy. Coal is calmer but Solo makes sure to bring the excitement and exercise for her. You can see her excitement with Solo; it’s like he pours life back into her! 

The pups set the whole tone for the day. They make everyone happier all day long and the family looks forward to coming home to them, to the enthusiasm that greets them that instantly puts them in a better mood.

Coal is really gentle with everyone and anyone.  There are no worries with her.  She is super loving and protective and shows her motherly instincts with Solo. Matt picked Coal out himself and their bond was sealed that day. Their love for each other continues to grow with each day. Coal is always there with her joy and comfort.

Solo joined the family after he was found wandering homeless in a parking lot at the Reno Rodeo with a few other litter-mates. His soon to be forever family had an instant connection with him and he was soon on his way home that night. Solo is always aware of the world around him. He frequently watches TV with everyone in the house.  He will march right up to the TV and touch it with his nose.  He’ll even join the family to watch the latest football game. It brings everyone so much joy and laughter to see how Solo observes the world. Through all the different changes in life, these dogs are always there, offering their unconditional love.”


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