These dogs are our children

“We first saw Arlo, a cute one year old, deaf, and blind puppy, online. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog who might need the extra care we could provide working from home. Arlo was fostered with Boxers and Buddies. The energy and joy coming from him was inspirational. From the moment we brought him home, we have seen his personality and confidence grow with every second. As his puppy parents we have celebrated his milestones, like the day he discovered he could get up on the couch.  Then three weeks later, he figured out how to get down and we celebrated again. It is great to watch his confidence increase.

Arlo was struggling with anxiety from being by himself and his lack of vision and hearing. The vet recommended medications that needed to be taken three times a day for life. We didn’t want to medicate a dog for the rest of his life because he struggled with anxiety and sometimes peed on the floor. We thought Amelia, another deaf dog, could be all he needed. Amelia has her sight, unlike Arlo, and it has been an asset to him. She is already proving the consistent support Arlo needs. We can use sign language to communicate with Amelia. She is so smart and loves people and dogs. She has shown herself to be calm and very adaptable.

These dogs are our children. Without children of our own, we felt we had to take on these precious lives that thrive with the extra love and attention we can provide. When we look at our two dogs, we see wholeness. There is nothing broken or missing and that is worth celebrating. It is pretty cool.”


We are a collection of dog photographers with a passion for homeless animals. Our mission is to end the stigma of rescue animals while photographing dog families across the United States.