These dogs are my babies. They make me a mother

“I was in a very dark place after an injury, feeling depressed. Odin was the one that made me get outdoors and find new energy. He is not a loving dog by nature so when he comes to sit with me and lays his head on my lap he is letting me know that he chose me. I had to earn my relationship with Odin. That taught me to see and appreciate trust earned in other relationships. I lost my last dog around Odin’s age. That makes me reflect on our time together. He has been the catalyst for so much good in my life.

We got Timber to be a part of Odin’s life. They are best friends. Timber has a gift that calms Rob. He had an awful accident in his twenties that caused brain trauma which causes anger many days. With Timber, and his persistence for love and attention, Rob is forced to love and laugh as soon as he comes home from a very stressful job.

Chewy is my teddy bear and cuddle bug. He always has to be touching me, and is the only one that greets me at 3:00 a.m. when I get home. It makes me feel really loved that he is there to greet me, just happy that I am home.

While I’m at work, Rob calls time in the evening with the boys “guy time.” Odin wants chest scratches, Chewy wants belly rubs, and Timber wants to play tug of war. Needless to say, they keep him really active. It is comforting to know the dogs are there to take any stress from the day away. He takes comfort knowing they are always happy and that dogs never get grumpy.

These dogs are my babies. They make me a mother. I love them as my own children. They bring out Rob’s softer side and a playfulness comes over him when he is with them. Together we are a family.”


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