The dog nobody wanted…I want so very much to stay!

“The third time is a charm for Porterhouse!  Although I’ll never know if I am his third or possibly fourth or more home, I know I am his last and feel so lucky that he is my boy!  Porter was an adult when he was adopted from a shelter by an acquaintance.  I took Porter on walks with my dog Cosette, and they quickly became best buddies.  When Porter’s former family decided they were going to euthanize him for what they deemed behavioral problems, I fervently asked to adopt him.  When I brought Porter home to begin his new life with us, my relief and elation were immeasurable! 

Porter had a wild streak, but boy he was eager to learn!  We started with obedience and then went on to agility, dance, and tricks.  When Porter learned the composure skills to pass the tests to become a therapy dog, my heart soared with pride and fulfillment for him as Porter loved everyone especially children!  He must have had children in his previous homes because he wiggles with excitement when he sees them and happily lets them hug him every which way!  The gentle giant velcro dog is so caring and patient that my Father calls him “The Loyal One”.

Porter and Cosette perform a trick show and to the children’s delight, Porter carries on a conversation with them as he happily does yoga, skateboards, paints, dances totally off beat with his high kicks, walks Cosette on her leash and more!  His signature trick of playing basketball with the kids chanting “Dunk it Porter, Dunk it!” is my favorite.

We explore so many places on our daily hikes.  Every day with Porter is a surprising fun adventure since he insists on making new friends everywhere we go, plopping down next to spectators at a volleyball game or joining a game of Frisbee.  He tried to enter every bar we walked past and finally got to cross it off his bucket list during a mid-town art walk. One day we ran into a group on a scavenger hunt that called out,  “Hey, that’s Porter!” as they all ran over to pet him!  Porter is always ready to play earning the nickname “Play Boy”. My high-spirited Porter has been challenging but oh so rewarding and fun!  All he needed was love and attention proving he was a good boy all along!  I love him more than words can express.  His big heart, which he opens to everyone he meets earning so many friends, makes me very proud of him.  Due to health complications, Porter bravely endured many medical procedures including two heart taps.  The dog nobody wanted…I want so very much to stay! Good Play Boy. Please Stay. Furever. “


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