Just thinking of my furry family puts a smile on my face

“My life has been a never-ending stream of doggy kisses and furry cuddles. Known as “the lover man,” Reno has been a loyal friend for the last 17 years of his life. 40 pounds at his biggest, he has always wanted to be a lapdog and revels in getting all the attention he can. You could pet him for days on end and he would still have that sweet smile on his face. 17 years old, but young at heart, Reno will forever be my sweet lover man.

Peanut joined the family in 2010. My happy and smiling sidekick rallies with me anywhere we go to hike and camp. With her little face and big ears, she can be just as content out on adventures as at home curling up in the sun like a cat. Indiana joined the family and instantly became best buds with Peanut. Living up to his adventurous name, Indiana enjoys every moment spent exploring the wilderness in the backcountry with his best friend.

Sophie and Jimmy entered our lives and immediately became their father’s loyal pups. Jimmy is a shy little guy, he has a big heart and loves to bark at anything that grabs his attention.  We rescued him after we saw him running down HWY 80 and mistook him for a bunny.  He joined our home just as we were saying goodbye to a family member, Jim, who is his namesake. We were able to sneak him past a few nurses, who kindly looked the other way, in the last few days we had with Jim. Sophie is the mother of our pack. She is a daddy’s girl, going to work with him daily, and is often referred to as his “sweet girl.”

Just thinking of my furry family puts a smile on my face. The best breed is “rescued” and we have been blessed with seven rescues over the past 18 years. Without kids, these dogs have filled that place in my heart.  They are always ready to go on adventures and offer their sweet, pure, and unconditional love.”


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