We will treasure all the moments we have with our senior rescue

“We didn’t expect to come home from the Duck Race with a dog, but bringing Deemi home is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Deemi affects people in a special way. I worked with at-risk youth and I noticed the kids were calmer and more focused when Deemi was around. She is very social, and would probably jump in a stranger’s car if they’d let her. She has used her special presence to make friends with the patients and staff of the hospital we often walk near, as well as the neighborhood kids who weren’t sure they liked dogs.

I am fascinated by Deemi, and full of love for her. I can’t imagine how anyone could have given her up at eleven years old, and so I want to ensure the rest of her life is the best it can be, and that includes indulging Deemi’s love of soft things. She has brought so much to our lives. Even just going for a walk makes me happy because a walk makes Deemi so happy. Her tail will wag as she greets everyone calmly as we go along. Her nose is always sniffing, sniffing, sniffing as she investigates. Even at thirteen years old, Deemi has so much energy to explore and make new friends.

Alyson and Deemi have their own time together in the morning, when Alyson will feed and walk her. Deemi gives her peace, and has been a source of comfort through some pretty challenging turns life has taken. She has even helped Alyson with a sleeping disorder. Deemi is able to sense our emotions and provide the emotional connection we need. In turn, we will treasure all the moments we have with our senior rescue, and create the best life we can for her.”


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