Eddie is always looking for sunshine

“When the pain of losing our sixteen year old dog, Wyatt, eased a bit, Cade began asking for a dog of his own. I began to scour rescue sites online. Soon I found Eddie’s mug shot on the Pet Network website, where they had rescued him off of a kill list. In the photo, Eddie had a delighted, “come and get me” expression on his face as he careened by another dog. The picture said it all; a young, playful basset-thing who needed a forever home. We made the appointment to meet him. We entered his door and he immediately invited us to play with the tennis ball he was carrying in his mouth. My son crouched down, took the ball, and gave it hard throw against the wall. Eddie was thrilled! He was friendly, playful, full of energy, and had a happy spirit about him. His breed combo stumped us. We decided finally to just pretend he is our own designer dog breed, and have called him a Cattle Basset ever since.

Although Eddie has been a mama’s boy, he and Cade bonded through obedience classes they did together. Since then, Cade and Eddie have a new relationship. Although Eddie still looks at me with hearts in his eyes, he loves and trusts Cade. Cade is much more aware and responsible for his dog now. He and Eddie are great friends, having bonded over all those fun practice sessions.  I am happy knowing Cade will always be a great dog owner, for life. I hope he always considers rescuing an animal from a shelter who needs a forever home.

Eddie is super quirky and a constant source of entertainment for Kurt and me.  A creature of habit, Eddie will start moaning and groaning around 4:00 p.m. and getting extra excited if Kurt puts on a sweatshirt. The time of day and the action of putting on a layer signifies WALK to Eddie and he doesn’t just let the opportunity vanish.

Eddie is always looking for sunshine, pulling his bed to where he can catch some rays. No matter what, he still has to be sure he can keep his eyes on us. I love that look. It tells me he fully appreciates his life with us, his people.”


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