I cherished each and every moment with this little dog

“2017 was filled with a lot of loss but Bonnie helped to change all that. I found Bonnie after I had made an attempt to not become the “crazy animal lady” by joining eHarmony. But I scrapped that and switched over to, looking for a small senior dog to keep my poodle, Chappy, company. The most adorable face I had ever seen popped up. Her coal black eyes danced with joy and anticipation. It was if she was looking directly at me through the screen. I emailed the Truckee shelter she was in and found out that she had been diagnosed with a level 6 heart murmur. However, I had already fallen in love with her, and drove through hurricane force winds the next day to see her. After we did a meet and greet with Chappy, we were signing the adoption papers.

We soon learned more about her heart condition, that she had aortic stenosis, and could pass away at practically any moment. The shelter offered to take her back, but I knew I couldn’t return her. I fell in love with that adoring gaze when I first met her at the shelter. Every time those large eyes would meet mine, I would fall in love all over again. She was home and that was that. She would sleep with me on my bed for the rest of her days. She was precious, and it was something Chappy understood too. He was very tolerant and loyal to her.

My life was enriched by Bonnie for five months, her devotion and love for me and mine for her during that time giving me purpose and helping me during a time of great loss. Even though her time here was temporary, like all of us, I cherished each and every moment with this little dog with the big heart in more ways than one.”


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