We often end up in a cuddle puddle that relieves anxiety

“Juni would do anything for a ball and Jet would do anything for a treat. Both adopted from the SPCA, they had some adjustment issues at first. Now they fit right in. My rescues are lucky enough to give and receive love from a bunch of people. They are the only dogs in my family so they get spoiled by my parents, my brother, and my aunt; they are more than willing to give out heaps of love in return.

Every morning begins with my special cuddle time with Juni. It is really the only time of day that Juni will stop and snuggle; she is a ball of energy the rest of the day. We have a special connection, as Juni doesn’t let just anyone in. Every day ends with Jet. Juni sleeps in her own bed, so Jet and I are left to spoon and cuddle. Jet’s piercing golden eyes contrasting against his dark face tell me how happy he is. He loves the people in his life, and is more accepting than Juni.

I love that I get to bookend my days with Juni and Jet. We often end up in a cuddle puddle that relieves anxiety.”


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