I love my dog safe-haven now


“My name is Zeus Mendenhall. My journey to my home was rough in the beginning because I was found wandering the streets of Reno. I was picked up by animal control in February of 2012 and they presume I was about 1 ½ years old. My dad had just lost his companion, Yogi, due to cancer. Keysha, Yogi’s sister, was getting depressed. My dad came to the Nevada Humane Society to look around for a new sibling for her.

I was shy at first, hiding in the back of my kennel, and not wanting to meet anyone. But there was something I liked about this man who came up to my kennel and started talking to me. I decided to get up and take a better look at him. He put his hand inside my kennel to pet me and I put my whole face in his hand. I felt so comfortable and knew I wanted to go home with him. The next day he came back with Keysha to meet me. When she and I met it was like we knew each other all of our lives. So I got to go home with them.

I was really scared at first in my new home and had many issues. I broke out of a large open kennel and mom and dad had to call a professional dog trainer to get ideas on how to calm my fears. They put my kennel in the living room with them and kept the door open so I could go in and lay down while they were sitting watching TV. That changed everything for me, and I love my dog safe-haven now.

This is now my house to protect and I think I do a really good job at it. One day, someone did try to break into my house and I chased the guy away; it was funny how scared I made them. My sister Keysha died in July of this year and I miss her so very much. I am now 7 ½ years old and am very happy in my forever home. Every day I show them my appreciation that they found me and brought me home so I no longer have to be scared and cold.”


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