The more time we spend together the more human he becomes

“Sam is expressive. He has this range of faces and communication; you can tell there is so much going on in his mind. He has playful faces during his “evening crazies.” Which is him running in circles in the back yard. He has a sweet expression in the morning when he crawls in bed an hour before the alarm goes off. He comes onto the bed and stretches to touch me. It’s his signal for me to roll onto my back so he can circle and tuck himself into my armpit where he’ll stay until the alarm goes off. We’ve been together so long and so much of that time is the daily stuff. Through the daily stuff is where I learn his range of expressions and how he communicates, like the serious look he gives me when he’s paying attention. The more time we spend together the more human he becomes. I moved to Reno in 2013 and it’s just me. It’s so nice to have him in my life for comfort, companionship, and everyday communication.”


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