My love of dogs is something the kids can share

“When I’m in the woods training or hunting, the dogs are like an extension of me. There is an unspoken communication between us. Murphy is all business. He’s the main hunter and wants to work. There is a common misconception you can’t get a good hunter from a rescue; Murphy is proof that isn’t the case. Benelli, who has been with me the longest, is the leader and tells everyone what to do. Drake just wants to be touched, lean into me, and be patted. My love of dogs is something the kids can share. It’s a unique feeling watching the kids grow, watching the dogs grow, and watching each of their personalities develop.  

When I’m out in the woods with my pack of three, Jennifer and Natalii are home with Gage. They are their own little posse that started when Jen was pregnant. Gage would lay his head down on her belly and Natalii would kick. He’s Jen’s big baby, following her around in the morning, getting his good pats in, his entire body wagging with a puppy-like smile in his eye. The relationships Jen, the kids, and I have with the dogs are essential to our day.”


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