I watched as this girl healed and blossomed into a little wild child

“There is a poem called “ A Dog’s Wish.” It is about a dog who has passed, and wishes that his owner, instead of grieving and closing themselves off, goes and finds another dog in need of a home. Giving that dog a soft and warm bed to lay their head on and feel the same love that was once given to them.

After suddenly losing Capone my heart was ripped wide open. The pain still knocks me to my knees to this day. O’Banion was, and still is, right there by my side. He let’s me know he is there and that everything is going to be okay. He is not going anywhere and it makes me pick myself up and get back outside where the sun is shining on a new day. His smile, calming energy, loyalty, and love shines through each and every day. He has had the roughest year of his life.  But you would never know by his constant, consistent, warming, and loving companionship. Some may not like the way he looks but to know O’Banion, or OB as we call him, is to love OB. If you knew what he has endured or see what I see, you would want him in your life too. But he is mine forever, with his patience, love, loyalty and the ability to make me laugh

In the process of figuring out OB, and my new life without Capone, a pup came up on my Instagram and Facebook feed. It was crying, was torn to shreds, and in immense pain. I watched as this girl healed and blossomed into a little wild child. On the day she became available for adoption, a voice in my heart told me to apply because she was meant to be in my home. Over 600 miles later, Maple came sliding into my home, and hasn’t stopped sliding around since.

Maple brings an innocence that only a dog that is ready to take on the world can have. She is light. She is laughter. She is hope. She is proof that through love, kindness, hard work, and faith you can overcome anything. Even death. Fear is a four letter word that is not in her vocabulary. Maple brightens every room she enters, and draws people to her. Her story is just beginning. Our story is just beginning.

The hole in my heart from losing Capone is still there, but there is no darkness. Capone’s fire lives on inside me, OB’s fire is raging, and Maple’s fire is running wild, like she does everyday.  I was given the greatest gift when I found Capone. God decided to gift me with two more incredible dogs through OB and Maple. If it were not for Capone these two would not be in my life. My gifts keep on giving; I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to receive them.”


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