Reo makes us feel cherished and I hope she feels every day how much we treasure her

“When Reo was younger I was dealing with a chronic illness that kept me bound to my bed or couch for almost two years. Reo could sense the illness and would mother me, following me everywhere, thinking she was in charge, and taking care of me. As I healed and returned to normal energy levels, Reo entered her senior years. At seventeen, it’s my turn to take care of her but she still follows me everywhere.

Reo comes to work with Keith and me where she supervises from her dog bed. When we get home after work the three of us will sit on the floor together and have our “daily chat.” Reo will roll on her back and wiggle around, opening her jaws wide in a giant yawn, and sometimes hop up and run in a circle. As we watch and interact with her it’s our time to decompress from the day and focus on the really important things in life. When you have a dog smiling at you it makes you realize work isn’t that bad. When she lifts her nose and sniffs the air, taking in the world and noticing all the beautiful things around her, it grounds and inspires me.

She’s made this journey in her life from focusing on play when she was younger to now being focused on bonding and love. In the evening she’ll stand right below where Keith is sitting and give him such a longing look that he can’t do anything but bring her up on his lap. It’s beautiful to see her express her desire for love when she wants and needs it. As she’s sitting on his lap he’ll start to pet her. She’ll roll onto her back and her eyes will start to droop, until she finally nods off. Keith cherishes this time, especially as she’s gotten older. Reo makes us feel cherished and I hope she feels every day how much we treasure her and the gifts she gives us.”


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