Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable

“Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable. We have experienced the incredible love of having them in our lives. We have also felt the incredible loss when they go.  Even with that inevitable sadness, we can’t imagine our life without our fur-children.

Chance, being our old boy at twelve, is the focus of our celebration currently.  He represents all the love, the bonds, and the lives that are no longer with us that we cherished so deeply.We try to never take for granted the time we have with him. Chance, like all the others, always lives in the present and for each sweet moment he has with us. Living in the moment was especially important when Ken was diagnosed with stage four cancer eight years ago.

Ken doesn’t remember much during that time, but he does remember the ways Chance was there to greet him and show his love.  Chance knew Ken was sick, and was able to bring joy and happiness in a calming way that was required. Chance always knew exactly what Ken needed and, in return, only needed a few pats or a lap to rest his chin in. He’s so unconditional, always expressing how much he appreciates us. Our fur-children brought so much love and hope in the dark times while Ken was sick.

While Chance tended to Ken, Breezy was there for me. Working long hours, I need Breezy to pull me away from the stress of work.  We share a special bond that belongs with every family. Breezy shares so much love that it is impossible to not love on her back.

Watching Chance and Breezy, the goofballs, with fresh energy in the morning starts the day with laughter.  The morning is the only time of day that Chance is full of energy and Breezy takes full advantage of that.  She will ensure there is a game of tug-o-war by forcing the rope into Chances mouth if she has to.  She just rolls right over him.  Who wouldn’t want to start there day with that much joy and laughter?”


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