Gunner was exactly what I needed to heal completely from my fears

“Mike calls Gunner the love of my life and I say I’m his proud Mama! Every time I come home, he acts like I’ve been gone for years. He’ll start dancing, where he curls his body to the side and almost touches his nose to his ear. One ear is up, the other down, and then they focus on whatever he’s looking at. When he looks at me I can feel him saying, ‘I’ve missed you so much! I love you! Can I crawl inside you right now because I love you that much!?’ He doesn’t know I’m not as cool as he thinks I am. To be needed and loved that much, to feel that unconditional love is amazing! But from the first day I met Gunner, there was something amazing about him. You see, I had a bad experience with a dog, and still had fears when I met Gunner. Immediately, something about him crawled right inside my heart. Gunner was exactly what I needed to heal completely from my fears.   

Gunner and Mike have this moose antler that I won’t put a finger on. Every night they go through the same routine. They’ll be sitting on the couch and Gunner looks over at Mike, jumps down, and picks up the antler. He prances back with it in his mouth then calmly, tenderly, and gently drops it in Mikes lap. If Mike doesn’t grab it right away Gunner will drop his head in Mike’s lap and look at him like, ‘You know what I want you to do.’ It’s their bonding time and it’s awesome to see. Gunner brightens our days. He’s everything to us.”


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