This kind of need makes you feel peaceful and calm

“Amber and Scott picked Bear out for me as a surprise, because they knew how much I missed my kitty who had passed away two years before. I remember them pulling up in a snowstorm, with this little kitten who was so cute and who fell in love with us right away, like we did with him.

Every night Bear sleeps with me. I’ll say, ‘time to brush my teeth,’ and it’s his signal to go to bed. He and Gus, our lab, are total buddies. They are both so gentle with us, and each other. Both are very similar in color, so I call them ‘brothers from another mother.’ I love when I’m sitting, reading in bed, Gus on one side, Bear on the other. Then, as I sleep, Bear will lay in the crux of my stomach. And in the morning, he will wake me with love bites and purring. I know he feels safe as we’re curled up together, and so do I. It gives me comfort. Our ritual, and the human-animal bond behind it that has developed as he accommodates himself to my schedule, is very special. We can just be, together. It makes me feel needed, but not in a stressful way; it’s in a totally different way than when a human needs you. This kind of need makes you feel peaceful and calm.

Scott will sometimes tease me that my relationship with Bear is sappy, but even Amber says Scott is a softie when it comes to this kitty. Scott’s favorite moments are the active ones, when Bear chases the leaves by the glass door or he’s pouncing on Scott’s hand under the covers. When Bear is scared, he runs to Scott for protection. He recognizes Scott as our family’s protector. I can see how important that is to Scott. Bear and Gus, with their gentle ways and big love, are such an important part of our family, and I’m so grateful to have them as part of our lives.”


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