We just understand each other, my sweet old lady and I

“In the morning, Sugar will come over to the bed with a big smile on her face. She starts to rub her head on the side of the bed, working her way up to my pillow, and then pokes her head through the covers. Her eyes shine with a beautiful hello for me and Posey. These mornings mean everything to me. It sets the tone for my day. If my mornings don’t start this way, for whatever reason, the rest of the day is all out of whack.

Our connection started before I ever adopted Sugar. I was interning at the Humane Society and, every day for seven months, I’d walk past Sugar. Our eyes would connect. Hers were so sad and so sweet. When my internship ended, the staff knew I’d connected with her. I would check in with them to see how Sugar was doing. She wasn’t being adopted. I told myself, ‘if she’s not adopted by my birthday I’m adopting her.’ In my heart, she was all I wanted for my birthday. When the big day came around, Sugar came home. It was meant to be.

She is just the sweetest dog. She fits in so easily with me and Posey, my ‘first born’ furbaby. Sugar’s eyes are so expressive. At the Humane Society, connecting with those eyes just hit something in my heart. Now that she’s part of our home, those eyes talk to me every day; it’s better than talking to a human. If I’m stressed she knows, she always knows. We just understand each other, my sweet old lady and I.”


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