A dog leg must always be touching one of us

“In that time between when I wake and when my alarm goes off, Nema and Ryder set the tone for my entire day. Everything is quiet and the dogs are all snuggly, calm, and peaceful. Nema stays close to our heads on our pillows, while Ryder has to be at least touching, if he isn’t resting on top of, my legs. They’ll each roll lazily for a belly rub. As my fingers slowly run through their fur, I can get my mind right for my day. As an operating room nurse, the calm and quiet I have with them is essential to me being able to do my job well. When the alarm goes off Ryder, our love bug, jumps out of bed with me while Nema, who we think of as our first child, snuggles back in with Alan.

They give Alan what his heart needs in the evening before we go to bed. We’ll be sitting on the couch, the girls are in bed, and Nema and Ryder as far in-between, or on top of us, as possible. A dog leg must always be touching one of us. Nema likes the end of the couch, while Ryder needs to be physically connected. If we shift, their eyes open, and tell us they’re happy to have a home, to be sitting with us, just happy to be in the moment. For Alan, Nema and Ryder make him feel the same way. It’s our time to just sit and relax, to not use our brains, to be comfortable and rescued from the crazy day.”


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