I waited ten years for a dog, and Beretta Bella was worth the wait

“I waited ten years for a dog, and Beretta Bella was worth the wait. Anytime I walk in the door, whether I’ve been gone for five minutes or eight hours, she always greets me with this look of pure joy on her face. She’s so excited, so happy, to see me. Even at 1:00 a.m., when I get home from work and David is asleep, Beretta Bella comes charging out of bed with a grin on her beautiful doggy face. She greets me with excitement and unconditional love. You don’t get unconditional love often in life. I can’t image life without her. She is such a blessing. She’s so full of love, this endless love that is given differently to each of us, but is exactly what each of us need.

Beretta Bella and David have their own time, their alone time at the park. Every evening as the sun is setting, and the day is getting cooler, she’ll come wandering over to him on the couch. He’ll say, ‘Oh, its walk time!’ Beretta Bella heads right over to the door. She spins, her tail wags, and she’ll start yapping until it almost sounds like a person yelling. Then, they’re out the door, and into the truck. She jumps in the back where she can see everything as they drive by, but sticks her head through the little sliding window, and makes happy noises until they arrive. If there are no other dogs at the park, they’ll play their series of games off leash. First fetch, then keep away, then she investigates the field until David says, “ready to go home?” Throughout their time at the park, she’s always checking in with David, including him in what she’s doing. She’s attentive, sensitive, and patient. Even though she has freedom to do as she wishes, she just wants to be with her people. David feels like she is committed to their friendship. How amazing is it that Beretta Bella reaffirms her commitment to their friendship and love every day?”


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