She fills a big void the best she can

“Maya came into my life through my husband. They loved each other deeply. Through his cancer, even during hospice, he would ask for Maya. She was always there to receive lots of pats and rubs. She gave him more to feel, more comfort, and unconditional love. Sadly my husband passed away just a year into having Maya.

Even though Maya was his girl, she took care of me as well. I can’t say I was ever looking for a dog, that was all my husband. Now, I’m not really sure how I would have coped in that difficult time without Maya.

Many thought we needed to find Maya a new home because I have my own physical limitations and she may knock me over. Those same people started to see how she was adapting to me. She became more gentle, knowing I couldn’t do everything on my own. She adjusted to caretakers and family stepping in and taking care of me. Maya would watch their every move, and would guide them to where she knew we needed to be.

When I was still able to get around a bit on my own, she would get me outside to play. Now, she’s a bed hog, always pushing her body up against mine, with one eye on the door.  She gives me a sense of peace, knowing she’s always looking out for me, always letting me know if someone is coming around. She’s always watching me, or licking at my legs and feet when I’m being tended to.

She really does give me someone to laugh at, someone to still mother, and share treats with. Of course, if she gets a treat I have to have one with her; it’s the only way to do it! She fills a big void the best she can.”


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