Their unconditional love fills my heart space. I can’t imagine my life without them

“Every home needs a heartbeat. Hemi and Miss V are the heartbeat of my home. Some people might say Hemi is needy because he needs to be near me all the time. I see it as him being the most loyal anything I have in my life. He’s my ‘King’s Hand,’ and is always there to please me. Hemi is intense and needed someone who could give that level of passion a back. His love is a fierce love.

Miss V is the Queen of the house, the Alpha Dog. When I see her roll over her back, when I see how relaxed she is at home, it shows me how far she’s come from the dog that was so afraid of humans, she’d pee every time she met one. Miss V has this wise woman personality. I think of her wisdom a lot in my work counseling addicts. Miss V is still cautious when she meets people, and that’s okay. If you’ve been traumatized, you’re wired a different way, and that’s okay. You can still heal, still live a good life – she’s proof of that!

I’ve had rock bottom moments in my life. When I decided to make a change, and as I continue to decide to choose that change, Hemi and Miss V gave me a reason, a routine and consistency, as my accountability partners on my journey. They need their routine. They need me to come home and let them out. They are mine to care for, to fill the need I have to nurture another living being, and they help me take care of myself too. Their unconditional love fills my heart space. I can’t imagine my life without them.”


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