As much as we choose her, she really picked us

“Strawberry is a great example of how wonderful senior pet adoption can be. She is one of our kids. Our other kid is a cat named Snicker Bell. They make our house a home, and give us amazing love that’s completely unconditional. The very first night we brought Strawberry home, we noticed she kept laying on our feet. When we googled that behavior, we discovered she was being a mother dog – just protecting her den.

Strawberry will put her head in your lap, or she’ll lean into you, to show her love. She has these eyes that are always trying to look into your soul. She just wants love and you can always feel it coming off of her. It’s especially intense when I get home. She’s at the door as soon as she hears the car, and waits in my walking space. She’ll sit there, butt wiggling, so I stop and drop everything to love on her right away. When I touch her, she makes her happy sound, this happy groan. I may have only gone out to the driveway but she is still so excited to see me.

As much as we choose her, she really picked us. She just needed a home; she needed a family. We committed to her before we committed to many other things in our relationship. She is a really important part of our lives.”


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