Scrap is a connection to my boys and a light in my life

“A couple weeks after I lost my oldest son, I went to see my younger son. We get together every few weeks for coffee and he makes me breakfast. As I parked, I saw him walking toward me with this tiny puppy in his arms that he had found stuck in a fence. Instantly, I felt that was my puppy, but I pushed the feeling aside. I wasn’t looking for a puppy, and if Scrap had a family that was looking for him, we wanted to help him find them. We took him to the shelter in hopes he would be reunited with his family.  I needed to know how he was doing, that he was well, and so I checked up on him. When no one claimed him, I knew it was because he was supposed to become part of my family. 

Scrap was, and is, a gift sent from Heaven. When his little doggie face peeks out the window as I come home, his eyes shining with love and excitement, it helps me not feel so lonely. He loves to sit on my lap on the porch as soon as I get home. That time is more important to him than anything else.  He licks and nibbles my ears and makes me laugh. He brings me joy and, in his unconditional doggy way, fills some of the hole left by my sons passing. From my son in Heaven, to my son on Earth, to my heart, Scrap is a connection to my boys and a light in my life.”


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