They are a comfort and a deep connection piece to her mom

Our Dogs are our cuddle bugs and our shadows. They keep us moving. They are the warm spot in our home. Yes, we rescued them by taking them in, but these dogs have rescued us – and those around us -right back.

Tahoe was the whole motivation behind starting my rescue, RuffRiders. It was heart wrenching where he came from. But seeing the good the people who took him in, and took care of him, did, triggered a wanting in me to do something that was bigger than myself.  Just like Tahoe, if someone didn’t know me personally they would probably say I looked menacing. And, just like Tahoe, I’m completely the opposite. When he and I are hanging on the couch together I feel understood. We both can identify with having to overcome stereotypes and that has inspired Ruff Riders to concentrate on rescues who have to do the same. Those with more difficult health situations, behavior issues, or stigmas, like being a Pit Bull, often don’t have a chance at rescue, and a forever home like Tahoe did.  We want to change that.

Marley and Tia were originally Jessie’s mom’s dogs. They were right by her mom’s side through her fight with cancer, and during her hospice. They gave her mom so much, and then gave to Jessie after her mom passed. Marley, our one-eyed pirate, is especially good at picking up on when others, humans or animals, need comfort. She’ll stay right by their side through anything. Tia who is tiny and older, has taught the children in our lives patience, gentleness, and how to respect both dogs and others. Jessie’s mom took such good care of Marley and Tia. Jessie can honor that by continuing to take good care of them. They are a comfort and a deep connection piece to her mom.”


We are a collection of dog photographers with a passion for homeless animals. Our mission is to end the stigma of rescue animals while photographing dog families across the United States.