They’re the coolest pack you’ll ever meet and they mean the world to us

“The dogs are everything to me. They are the highlight of my day. It’s their unassuming love, a type of love that only gives, that is so important for me and my family to have. It’s a love that helps. Not just our human family, but all of our pack members have helped each other grow through that love.

Not all relationships are easy and peaceful, but my dogs remind me every day, as we’re hanging in my bedroom loving on each other, of the beauty behind giving and receiving so easily. I see in their eyes all the layers of interconnectedness. Dakota gave my daughter Maddison a place to put her feelings and love as she healed from a tragedy. Then did the same with Zeus and Buddha, helping draw them out of their fear and the garage.

My son Cade and I share this special bond with Charlie, who is the biggest thing Cade looks forward to seeing when he comes home from school. Charlie opened my heart to loving a dog again. Daisy was from the first litter Cade and Maddison helped foster. Charlie helped us raise her too. Lulu, our little ball of energy, leads Charlie around on walks.

Buddha and Zeus have had the most dramatic transformation. They went from being scared to come out of the garage, not even wagging their tails for two years, to being the most affectionate of the bunch. I love seeing their cheeky smiles. I’m proud of how our love has helped them develop. Loving these dogs fulfills the calling I have to make things flower and bloom. They make me peaceful and easy to be with. They’re the coolest pack you’ll ever meet and they mean the world to us, as we do to them.”


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