The day I rescued Peyton and picked him up, I didn’t put him down

“The day I rescued Peyton and picked him up, I didn’t put him down. Not even for my mom to hold him. There was just something about him. Since then, there is this amazing love between us that keeps growing. He is the comfort I hold onto no matter where life goes. He’ll see me standing around the house and he’ll come over to me, give me a little kiss on the hand, and then go on his way. It’s his way of telling me, ‘I’m here,’ and that I have constant support.

Peyton always knows what I’m feeling. When I’m happy, he can be a handful in his playfulness. If he senses I’m struggling, he will sit with me and he won’t leave me alone, like at the beginning of the year when my grandparents passed away or more recently when I had a trip to the emergency room. He’s always there, touching me, not letting me out of his sight. It means a lot to know when life gets hard, and it does with humans, that I’ll always have him to get through the bad, and to celebrate the good. It’s very comforting.”


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