Without a doubt, Macy rescued me

“I always said I would never have an indoor dog – that’s easy to say until your wife walks in with a little white dog, that quickly changed that! Macy was glued to Melody. You could tell they were connected just by looking at them. When Melody fell ill, Macy was always there next to her. You could tell how much Macy loved her by the way she would stay by her side, lay with her, and bark at anyone who came near. Her fierce love made for some great laughs and comfort when there was no one else in the room but her. She’s such a devoted companion.

Shortly after losing Melody in 2009, just before our 30th wedding anniversary, I found out I had cancer. I remember sitting there in my office struggling with thoughts of wanting to remain on this earth or just going to be with my wife. Macy wouldn’t come out of my wife’s closet. The grief was really hitting us all so hard. It took her three months for Macy to finally come out. Through all of this, she became overly attached to me. She gave me a purpose and helped me realize everything I had to live for: for her, my grandkids, my children.

Days later, I started chemo and I am now cancer free. We are approaching ten years since losing the heart center of our family. Macy is my last constant connection to my wife.

I love how territorial she is of me. She jumps up between my girlfriend and me, or will give me a hug and she’ll look over to see if my girlfriend sees her doing it. It cracks us both up. She’s quite the princess. It’s pretty special knowing you always have someone excited to see you, always looking for you, wanting to love you. You can see how important you are to her!  Her little attitude and spirit is what won me over.  She often reminds me of my daughter Christy’s spirit, all upbeat and lively. I’ll be the first to admit that I catch my self calling her Christy sometimes because you can feel her joy and energy and it’s just so similar. 

Melody knew what she was doing the day she brought Macy into our home. Little did I know she was going to be my lifeline, and give me so much purpose when life felt empty. We needed each other. You know the old saying of ‘who rescued whom?’ Without a doubt, Macy rescued me.”


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