Peta is the one constant we have

“Peta brought something into our home that we didn’t know was missing. It’s not that it was ever really missing, she just amplified it! Well, except the second big spoon in bed. There was only one before Peta.

No matter the weight of the day you’re about to bring home, the second you step out of the car and approach the door your heart starts to anticipate the sheer happiness we’re each so fortunate to have. As soon as you walk in the door and yell ‘PITA,’ you see this smiling girl coming towards you. She lets you know how comfortable she is in this beautiful life with you; how happy she is to see you! Peta is not affected by anything outside of her walls at home. You know as soon as you walk to that front door happiness lies just on the other side.

She communicates and shows each of us love in different ways. Incredibly intuitive, she always knows when something isn’t quite the way it should be. She knows she’s not technically allowed on the bed but will usually ask to come up. if she senses a change in life, instead of asking to come up, she helps herself up in the middle of night. You wake up to her spooning you. She moves as close to you as possible. This is her way of saying she’s here for you. 

Peta is the one constant we have. You always know what you’re going to get.  You always know you’ll be loved unconditionally. She brings so much love, laughter, and enrichment in our life! Without her there would such a huge void.”


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