She’s touching all these people in different ways, healing and helping others, just by being herself

“Since Icee came to foster with us, I’ve seen her enrich so many lives and that impact is going to go on for a while. There are all these people who met because of her diagnosis. Many said prayers, and may have helped give Icee the miracle of no longer having cancer. There was an army of people in the beginning that saved Icee and got her here. There have been so many angles along the way, like Matt and Jennifer. This is just the beginning – we are so far from the end.

All the foster dogs stay with Matt at night. He says when he looks over at Icee, with her head on the pillow staring at him, there is something special in her eyes. He saw it when he gave her her first bath. When she looks at you it’s with this trust and longing. It’s full of affection. You fall in deep with her quickly. She’s rekindled the desire to for Matt to have his own dog again, to look at him like she does. When they meet people on their walks, even those who are apprehensive at first, are soon kneeling down and petting her. They make a connection with her sweet and friendly eyes. Everyone seems to be able to feel her ‘happy all the time’ personality. She shows us every day is worth fighting for, and to have a smile on your face. She helps heal us – showing us, whatever ‘this’ is, will work out, life will go on, and to be grateful for today.

On the day of the Icee Bucket List Challenge, Jennifer had been having a really bad week, dealing with the chronic pain and depression that has plagued her over the last five years. She spent the day waiting for the next stop to pop up on the computer. Seeing how happy Icee was, how much she still enjoys life, how she doesn’t let the past effect her, or make her any less trusting or loving, touched Jennifer. She didn’t think donating money was a big deal, but hearing how it meant so much to me, realizing that something she did mattered to us, was powerful for her. A village got behind Icee to make sure she gets to live the most incredible life. Now, Icee is out there getting behind the village. She’s touching all these people in different ways, healing and helping others, just by being herself.”


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