The South Rescued Hero Finalists

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The South – Atlanta Finalist #1 )

It happened to be my birthday night when our baby sitter mentioned that a rescue group was desperately looking for a volunteer to foster for a young , extremely starved pit bull that was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. Of course I said we will take her.

Shayna was pulled from the shelter the very next day. When we got her she was so skinny that it was scary to touch her. Originally, the thought was to foster her until she was ready for adoption. We Foster Failed and it was the best fail ever.

We worked hard to get her healthy. I often woke up in the night to feed her a fourth small meal, as starved dogs can only eat small meals versus big portions. This really built a strong relationship between us.

Seeing her grow bigger and stronger was the most rewarding thing we experienced as a family. We quickly grew so close, our other dogs adapted to her so nicely, and she became a part of the pack in no time. The thought to let her go was one that I could not imagine. We told the rescue we wanted to keep her forever.

Shayna is the happiest, loveliest, and sweetest dog that once was on a kill list. She taught us – my husband, my 5 year old, and myself – so much about patience, love, and believing in doing the right thing. She is our Rescue Hero

Nominated Rescue Organization : Barkville Dog Rescue


The South-Charleston Finalist #2 )

Rescue is our only breed. We love for life. I saw this striking face — Link looked like he had eye brow liner, drawn by a 2 year old, and was wearing a coat of many colors. He visited and I was in love for life.

The incredible joy he brings is indescribable. His puppy antics brought laughter and rolling on the floor to a quiet home, and his love calms my soul. He’s so very smart, keeps every secret, and generously shares his love between me and my husband. He is curious, and reminds me to live in the moment. He is busy, and reminds me to stay active. And he trusts us with all he has. What a blessing this boy is to our life. We never had a puppy before Link. He came to us about 6 months old and, 8 months later, he’s grown into his funny feet. He occasionally leaps over the couch like one of those “yoga goats” … and surprises everyone, including himself! We had no idea how quiet our home had become … before the missing “Link” joined our family. We are so thankful and blessed!!

Nominated Rescue Organization : Team Stinky Kiss



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