Philadelphia Rescued Hero Finalists

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Philadelphia Finalist #1 )

I adopted my soul dog, Caesar, in 2012 from ACCT Philly, and then became a volunteer there. Caesar became my unofficial therapy dog, ultimately helping with my depression and anxiety. He passed away March 2019 and I was broken from the tremendous loss.

ACCT Philly was undergoing an extremely difficult time, so I decided to bring my Pen Pal dog, Rock, home to foster temporarily. (Pen Pal dogs have a dedicated volunteer that helps them during their time at the shelter due to long term residency or behavior issues). Having a dog back in my home who had so much love to give and who made me laugh daily was a much needed relief from the heartache of losing Caesar. Rock ended up having the same weird quirks that Caesar had, almost like he knew what I needed him to do to make me whole again. Rock made me so happy, and I made him happy, so I realized he was meant to stay with me and I officially adopted him 06/08/2019.

Nominated Rescue Organization : ACCT Philly


Philadelphia Finalist #2 )

Wattson (aka Budi) is the first dog I’ve had on my own. I moved into my first house and I knew I needed a dog to complete my home. He moved in and he has helped me learn the neighborhood through our daily walks, and has helped me meet more of my neighbors. When the neighbors see him outside, they will excitedly yell “Wattson!” from their houses to greet him. I’m so happy that he’s in my life and helping to teach me to appreciate and love my neighbors and my neighborhood more.

Nominated Rescue Organization : ACCT Philly


Philadelphia Finalist #3 )

Zimba was our first “pull” from Philly ACCT as volunteers for Big Hair Animal Rescue. He was a stray from the streets of West Philly. He was to stay with us for four days. We had four other chows, so Zimba got his own room initially. I spent a good deal of time pulling dozens of burrs from his coat and trying to make him feel somewhat better. We got him vetted the next day for his bouts of explosive diarrhea and, after a few days, he started to feel much better. We decided to let him stay through his two week course of antibiotics. By that time, we had fallen in love with this sweet, silly boy who loved unconditionally and thrived on attention. We took him for neutering and kept him through recovery. He fit right into our pack and brought a silly, impish personality into our life. We adopted him and have never regretted it. He has shown us that the most beautiful, amazing dogs can be found in shelters and sometimes they are the ones who end up saving us!

Nominated Rescue Organization : FABS Rescue



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