Boston Rescued Hero Finalists

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Boston Finalist #1 )

How hasn’t little Brewster changed our lives? My husband and I joke that while many newlyweds gush over the luxury of beginning and ending each day together.. we both chuckle and agree that Brewster’s fury presence on our pillow is the highlight of each day. Brewster is our “baby” and we often find ourselves forgetting what life was like without him. Even though we have only spent three years as a family, Brewster has become our whole world. He is our spark on lazy days and our comfort when life gets us down. Who knew that a fluffy 25 pounds could bring so much joy to life? We are forever grateful that we saw Brewster at the bottom of the puppy pile on that October day when we swore we would “just go look.”

Nominated Rescue Organization : Shultz’s Guest House


Boston Finalist #2 )

Wow, where to begin with Samantha. She has been such a gift to our lives and our marriage. I still remember the day that Samantha came into our lives, she was so gentle, sweet and timid. She was sitting alone, looking into the woods at the backyard of her foster family’s home and she came over and sniffed my cheek, and melted my heart. Knowing her now, and how shy she is around new people, it truly feels like she chose me to be her person. Samantha was an extremely fearful and anxious dog when we adopted her, and almost didn’t make the transfer up North because she wouldn’t get out of the car. She had never walked on leash, and never lived in a city. She made us question our own abilities as first time dog owners as we had certain assumptions about adopting a dog. Through helping her overcome her fears, she taught me patience and working with her on her terms to gain trust and her confidence. She has grown SO much in the last 8 years that we have had her. She thrives in our new home, and shows so much joy and affection for the people she trusts. She is extremely intuitive and has helped me with my own anxiety, because I want to be strong for her. I love seeing my husband Russell’s face light up when she runs over to him. Seeing them cuddle on a sleepy Sunday morning just reminds me what family is all about. Slowing down, being together and nothing else matters. We love seeing her puppy bursts of energy as she sprints across a lawn, running free. She makes us laugh with the little things she does (like full on smiling, or the crazy singing she does in the car), and melts our hearts when she cozies up for her famous “C-hug” where she goes under our knees for a nice cuddle and ear scratch. We feel so lucky that she chose us to be her forever family.

Nominated Rescue Organization : Quincy Animal Shelter



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