Kansas City Rescued Hero Finalists

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Kansas City Finalist #1 )

It was my sophomore year of college, and my childhood dog had passed away at the end of January. I was back home for the summer, and it just didn’t feel the same. I I told myself I would never replace Max. He went through everything with me and especially helped me through awkward middle and high school years, when I struggled with depression and anxiety. The day I headed off to college Max jumped into the car ready to go with me, so it broke my heart when I had to leave him behind. I told myself I would never replace him. That summer I realized just how much having a dog was important to me. I still struggled with mental health and felt alone without Max. I started to casually browse adoption websites; just seeing the dogs put a smile on my face. I started to think more seriously about adopting one. I was moving into my first apartment that allowed pets, and I was even able to qualify for an emotional support animal. I was ready to adopt the first dog I saw, but my parents told me to wait and eventually we found Oliver.

I was starting to lose hope that we would never find a dog that my parents would like, but my dad stumbled across Oliver’s picture. At the time he was 5 months old and was up for adoption along with his sister, Ruby. The best part.. his name before I adopted him was Max. My parents took me to see him at his foster mom’s house and immediately I knew that he was the dog for me. He had been given up with his sister, and I still don’t understand why because he is the most perfect dog. We walked down the basement, my parents went first and I trailed behind, and Oliver (Max) ran right between their legs to come to me. We sat down and immediately he started jumping all over my dad and me and cuddling up next to us. That’s when my parents knew that I would be taking him home.

It was a couple weeks before I could actually take him home, he still needed some medical work done since he was just a puppy, Dogs by Debin was so kind to take care of this before sending him off with me. When I finally picked him up and brought him home and looked through the paper work, I saw that his birthday was the day before mine. We have been inseparable ever since. That entire day he had no interest in anybody else except me and cuddled and slept in my lap. He has always been right next to me (or on me) cuddling ever since that day. So Max became my Oliver, he was never replaced, just came back to be my best friend.

Nominated Rescue Organization : Dogs by Debin


Kansas City Finalist #2 )

Oh boy, where do I begin? Volunteering at a rescue isn’t the easiest job. Once you get involved it can take a toll on you. You have dogs that drastically need saving, and then you some that are great dogs, but they are the Heinz 57 that nobody wants to adopt. You spend every day fighting for these dogs and then ever wonder if you’ll get burnt out, or if you can just save one more life. You see, these dogs come off the street, and that’s when you know it’s worth it when you see that change or that happy family showing off that dog in a new adoption photo. That family didn’t know that dog came in malnourished, or the fact that at the beginning they were so scared, or that that dogs owner didn’t want them anymore. They aren’t just a number to us. They are our kids. I’ve fostered 19 dogs and come to find out all their different personalities. We finally foster failed and kept our silly girl, LeLu. She took awhile to warm up to us, but once she did, we came to love all her little quirks. They way she howls when she wants attention, or when she wants a chest rub, she will sit and put her paws up like a kangaroo. She makes me laugh with her ears. They stick straight up looking like rabbit ears. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Please consider adopting and not shopping when you want a dog. Rescues will match you with the dog that you want. I love my rescue.

Nominated Rescue Organization : Dogs by Debin


Kansas City Finalist #3 )

I had fostered several dogs for Dogs by Debin in the past. At that time, I wouldn’t allow myself to foster any puppies, lol. There was one little white puppy with black ears and a black nose that needed a foster. She had been confiscated from a meth house in Southern MO. She needed to have a foster secured and I just couldn’t resist her cute little face! The co-founder, Rick Norris, had named her Snoopy, because she looked just like Snoopy from the peanuts cartoon! But, she had a curly tail. I was there shortly after the transport had dropped her off. Poor little baby sure hadn’t had much human love for her little bity life! She weighed a whopping 6lbs. I couldn’t help but immediately fall in love with the little angel.

The more attention she got, the more she wanted (she is still like that to this day!) I ended up adopting her after a few days and I named here Squeak, since she came from a “Tweaker” house, hee hee. The funny thing is, she does squeak when she has to go potty! Squeak was with me when my little Monkey got cancer and passed away, shortly after I adopted her. I always think of her, in a way, as a little angel to help me through that difficult time. Even though she is definitely far from an angel! She has been nicknamed ‘The Great White Hunter’. Her hunting game includes moles (her favorite!), snakes, frogs, lizards, and June Bugs. I love my little Squeak dog with all of my heart – she sure makes me laugh every day! I can’t even imagine my life without that silly girl in it!!

Nominated Rescue Organization : Dogs by Debin



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