Sacramento Rescued Hero Finalists

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Sacramento Finalist #1 )

Jemima Puddleduck (aka Jemmie) has changed my life…as well as the lives of other shelter animals! In addition to being my very first dog as an ‘adult,’ Jemmie has helped me raise almost 400 foster animals. She especially loves raising foster kittens and will play, clean, and snuggle with them. She has even donated blood to help save kittens’ eyes! (Yes, you read that right!) Serum from her blood helped heal eye ulcers in many kittens over the years. Jemmie is also part of a therapy dog program, and she visits local schools to help teach young children the appropriate way to approach and pet dogs. I may have rescued her, but she is paying it forward to other animals and people in our community!

Nominated Rescue Organization : Sacramento SPCA


Sacramento Finalist #2 )

Penny came into my life a couple months ago. She had a broken leg and gazed at me with the sweetest eyes, and I knew I had to take her home. I fostered her for a month before making it official and adopting her. The timing could not have been better. My family lost someone so incredible, and Penny was there to comfort me in the time I needed her most. She’s now completely healed from her injury and loving life. I couldn’t have asked for a better pup to join my family at the perfect time.

Nominated Rescue Organization : Front Street Animal Shelter


Sacramento Finalist #3 )

I lost both of my dogs a week apar,t back in February, 2018. Lexi was 17 years old, and Max was 16. I have fostered many dogs for Kimie, and she reached out to me and asked me if I would take on a foster. I was resistant at first because it had only been a few months since my dogs died, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open my heart or home up to that pain again. But, because I love what Kimie does, I said, “Sure bring the dogs over so I can meet them.” Yes, there were two that she was looking for foster homes for. Anyway, the dog that I actually liked did not like my cat, so I went with the other one, and her name was Scooby Doo. Not a very good name for a female dog. So she was in my home for about 30 minutes, and I knew that I could not let her go because she picked me, and she helped me with a very, very hurt and broken heart. Oh, did I mention I had lost my mom four months prior to loosing both my pups?

Nominated Rescue Organization : Kimie’s Kritters Pet Rescue


Sacramento Finalists #4)

I was out killing time with a friend while my fiancé was at work, when I stumble upon an adoption event at a pet supply store. When I walked in, I was instantly drawn to a beautiful corgi mix in one of the kennels. I asked to pet him and instantly knew he was meant for us. Later that day, Kimie and Kimiko, came for a home check. I was so nervous our current animals wouldn’t take to him well enough or my precious rescue dog would be too shy. Luckily, all went well, and Colby was there to stay.

During our home visit, I learned of his story. He came from Tijuana. He was an already injured dog scooting to a taco shack every day,when the patrons of the shack saw a car swerve and hit him on purpose. When he was brought in, he was severely injured, had a skin condition, a tick born disease, and was extremely under weight. The vets in Tijuana said there was not much they could do for him. That’s when Kimie came to the rescue. She saw hope in his eyes and brought him to UC Davis for care. They did major surgery on his hind right leg, waited for it to heal, and amputated his hind left leg. Kimie and Kimiko nursed this sweet boy back to health and believed in him when nobody else did.

After hearing his story, it solidified my thoughts that he was meant to be with us. I knew I was meant to share his story with others and bring hope. Despite all he’s been through, Colby has the best personality. He is sweet, loving, energetic, and friendly. He is a daily reminder that, no matter what trauma you go through, if you stay strong, there is love and light at the end of the tunnel. This sweet boy has changed our lives dramatically, and we hope his story does the same for you. He is a testament to the power of hope and unconditional love. Thank you Kimie and Kimiko for saving our boy, and letting us be his family. If you’d like to see more of Colby follow his adventures on Instagram @colbythetripodcorgi

Nominated Rescue Organization : Kimie’s Kritters Pet Rescue



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