Peta is the one constant we have

“Peta brought something into our home that we didn’t know was missing. It’s not that it was ever really missing, she just amplified it! Well, except the second big spoon in bed. There was only one before Peta. No matter the weight of the day you’re about to bring home, the second you step out...

I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have her

“Mini’s story actually starts with Charlie. Charlie was always there for me, through my parents’ divorce, moving halfway across the country and back, and through serious health problems. When I was going through treatment for my health problems, there would be days when he was the only living thing I could touch, or receive physical...

Without a doubt, Macy rescued me

“I always said I would never have an indoor dog – that’s easy to say until your wife walks in with a little white dog, that quickly changed that! Macy was glued to Melody. You could tell they were connected just by looking at them. When Melody fell ill, Macy was always there next to...

They are a comfort and a deep connection piece to her mom

Our Dogs are our cuddle bugs and our shadows. They keep us moving. They are the warm spot in our home. Yes, we rescued them by taking them in, but these dogs have rescued us – and those around us -right back. Tahoe was the whole motivation behind starting my rescue, RuffRiders. It was heart...


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