“…I lost track of what was truly important in life.”

HOW DID YOUR RESCUE DOG RESCUE YOU? I never go to the area where they have puppy adoptions at the pet store. I always go in, get my cat her food, and leave. I had no intention of adopting a dog, as my life was devoted to studying, working, and trying to sleep. But for...

“…his pure joy was immediately evident.”

HOW DID YOUR RESCUE DOG RESCUE YOU? In the summer of 2016, I found myself single and dog-less for the first time in more than a decade, so I began toying with the idea of adopting a dog. Most of my free time is spent outdoors hiking, camping, and horseback riding. I missed having a...

“…no matter what happened or what you’re afraid of…”

HOW DID YOUR RESCUE DOG RESCUE YOU? Aside from all the known benefits of having a dog, Lou is so much more. I swear he’s part human and he has a way of making me laugh even at my lowest points. But his joy extends out beyond just me. My friends and family are often...

“I’m literally surrounded by love, unconditional love.”

HOW DID YOUR RESCUE DOG SAVE YOU? My rescue started with Capone. The moment I found him on the freeway my life has been forever changed. He made the choice of jumping in my truck instead of running into oncoming traffic. He saved me from a hole of depression and is a bright light in my life now....

“…a happy reminder of devotion and unconditional love.”

HOW DID YOUR RESCUE DOG RESCUE YOU? Simon has been my buddy since 2005. I found Mr. Simon curled up quietly in the middle of his cemented compartment at the Humane Society. When I tried to get his attention, he turned around and slowly walked to the adjacent outdoor space. He is aloof and independent....


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