They are a comfort and a deep connection piece to her mom

Our Dogs are our cuddle bugs and our shadows. They keep us moving. They are the warm spot in our home. Yes, we rescued them by taking them in, but these dogs have rescued us – and those around us -right back. Tahoe was the whole motivation behind starting my rescue, RuffRiders. It was heart...

Scrap is a connection to my boys and a light in my life

“A couple weeks after I lost my oldest son, I went to see my younger son. We get together every few weeks for coffee and he makes me breakfast. As I parked, I saw him walking toward me with this tiny puppy in his arms that he had found stuck in a fence. Instantly, I...

Their different pieces make me whole

“Jason always says it’s a rodeo every time he walks in the door. They are so excited to get to him; four dog voices raised in joyous hello, butts wiggling, paws dancing.  They look for the love and attention they know is coming, their beautiful eyes shining up at him. He’ll take ten or fifteen...

As much as we choose her, she really picked us

“Strawberry is a great example of how wonderful senior pet adoption can be. She is one of our kids. Our other kid is a cat named Snicker Bell. They make our house a home, and give us amazing love that’s completely unconditional. The very first night we brought Strawberry home, we noticed she kept laying...

She fills a big void the best she can

“Maya came into my life through my husband. They loved each other deeply. Through his cancer, even during hospice, he would ask for Maya. She was always there to receive lots of pats and rubs. She gave him more to feel, more comfort, and unconditional love. Sadly my husband passed away just a year into...


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