This kind of need makes you feel peaceful and calm

“Amber and Scott picked Bear out for me as a surprise, because they knew how much I missed my kitty who had passed away two years before. I remember them pulling up in a snowstorm, with this little kitten who was so cute and who fell in love with us right away, like we did...

Knowing I’ve earned her trust makes me whole

“I used dinner time as a tool to develop trust between Gabby and myself. She has had to learn to sit and wait, trust the process, and to trust me. It took a lot of time, patience, and work to develop that trust. Now, feeding her is the moment that lights up my day, because...

Each year, what he gives to me grows

“Seven years ago, Pongo was my birthday present. Each year, what he gives to me grows. When I get home and put my feet up, he’s right there. He’ll put his head between my feet with his eyes telling me, ‘Oh, I’m so glad you’re home.’ He’s such a love! When my husband Brian goes...

What they give back to you, it far outweighs the effort

“Kona and Rosie are both puppies. Kona was supposed to be primarily Flynn’s, and Rosie mine. Some days, there is a flip-flop of bonding and which interconnects and bonds us all together as a family. Rosie is the younger puppy and she is a link to my last dog Sophia, who I was deeply connected...

Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable

“Life without the companionship of our fur-children is unimaginable. We have experienced the incredible love of having them in our lives. We have also felt the incredible loss when they go.  Even with that inevitable sadness, we can’t imagine our life without our fur-children. Chance, being our old boy at twelve, is the focus of...


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